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Membrane absorber (from 100Hz)

100,00 inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versand pro Stück

high quality melamine foam (Basotect)


with fabric covered wooden frame


white, beige, grey, yellow, lime, green, petrol, dark green, blue, purple, dark blue, brown, orange, red, teracotta, bordeaux, black, fucsia


100x50x10 cm


around 5 kg


4 holes at the back for hanging


1 piece

Membrane absorbers (plate resonators)
Membrane absorbers (also known as plate resonators) are constructions according to the spring-mass principle, which are used for sound absorption
If you have a too long reverberation time between 100 and 400Hz, the room sounds “bouncy” or even dull. Membrane absorber is particularly suitable in the frequency range between 100 and 400 Hz.
Save the time and money to build an acoustic absorber by yourself, we make it cheap and sophisticated.
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Plattenschwinger Skizze-xb acoustics

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